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If you are a relative of a Spanish or EU citizen and you are planning to reside in Spain for a period of more than three months, you will have to apply for a European Union residency permit. Our expert immigration lawyers of Tolentino Abogados will help you.

  1. Are you a relative of a EU citizen?
  2. Are you going to reside in Spain?
  3. Are you citizen of any other European Country?
  4. Do you reside in a country that does not require a visa to enter Spain?
  5. Are you married to a EU citizen but your marriage has not been registered in Spain?
  6. How long is the European Union Residency permit valid?
  7. When will you be eligible to apply for the spanish citizenship, being a relative of a EU Citizen?
  8. Can I travel to Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland and EE.UU with your EU residency permit?

These, amongst others questions, can be answered by our lawyers. Contact us!



  • Depending on the case, the applicant will have to request the visa in his/her country of origin; in case the applicant comes from a country that does not require visa to enter Spain, he/she will not have to apply for any visa.
  • The applicant must prove that he is accompanying a EU citizen (spanish or non-spanish) or that he is reuniting with him/her
  • The EU or Spanish citizen must comply with at least one of the following conditions:
  • Be employed or self-employed
  • Have sufficient economic means to maintain him/herself and his/her family (if any). This condition is necessary to prove that the applicant will not be a burden for the Spanish social security system during the period of residency. Every case is different in order to assess this requirement. Average bank deposit of 6.000€
  • Hold a medical insurance covering any kind of accident or illness that might occur during the residence in Spain. This medical insurance can be public or private, being irrelevant it’s contratation in Spain or in any other country. In case it was contracted in a foreign country, it will have to be valid in Spain during all the time of the residency.
  • Being an enrolled student in a public or private institute, at any level (formative cycle for professionals, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, etc.)
  • The EU or Spanish citizen must be a relative of the applicant


Required documentation (depending on the case):

  • Official application form, duly fulfilled (the EX 19)
  • Valid passport of the applicant. In case of expired passport, the applicant will have to prove its renewing process (through the supporting documentation)
  • Documentation that proves the family bond between the EU or spanish citizen and the the applicant: under ages or adult age son or daughter, spouse, etc.
  • ID of the EU or spanish citizen, or any other equivalent identification document (such as certificates)
  • Varied documentation proving the requirements meeting (depending on the case): working statements, medical certificates (insurance, etc), documentation proving to have sufficient economic means, the enrollment certificate in case of students, etc.
  • Three pictures. They will have to be card size with a white background, without any element that could affect the identification of the applicant
  • In case of foreign documentation, it will have to be translated in Spanish.
  • In some cases (depending on the country and the documentation), it will have to be authenticated in order to be valid in Spain
  • All these documents will have to be presented in the Foreigners Office or in the Police Station of the province where the applicant has planned to temporarily reside. it will have to presented within the first three months since the entry in the country.

What it is included:

We can facilitate your processing for the obtention of the permit and residence in Spain. Our appointment are easily managed by collegiate lawyers and, generally, the estimated waiting time is quite short.

Schedule your appointment in advance, in order to avoid delays in the processing.

Our lawyers of Tolentino Abogados will provide you with the following services:

  • Legal assistance about the procedures
  • Fulfillment of the application form to be presented
  • Presentation of the application form
  • Monitory of the proceedings
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Arrangement of the fingerprints appointment
  • Complete assistance during the proceeding from the presentation of the application form until its resolution

What does not include:

Our service does not comprise the assistance in Spanish Consulates. We personally assist within our Firm located in Madrid, Spain, and in Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic.

With regard to other matters, we provide legal aid online.

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