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Description of the service


If you legally reside in Spain and intend to renew your permit of residence and work, entrust our expert immigration lawyers of Tolentino Abogados, in case you want to renew it since the 60 days prior or until 90 days following its expiration (in the latter case the application of a penalty might occur)

In no case your permit will be renewed if you have applied for its renewal after 90 days from its expiration date. Neither in the case you have resided outside Spain for a continuative period of more than 6 months.

  1. Can I obtain the residence and work authorisation, in the case I am illegally in Spain?
  2. Which are the requirements for the renewal of the of residence and work permit?
  3. Which are the requirements to obtain the long-term residency authorisation?
  4. How can I obtain the residency authorisation for my underage son/daughter?
  5. Which are the requirements for the renewal of the european union residency permit?
  6. How long can I stay outside Spain with my residency permit?
  7. Can I apply for the renewal being outside Spain?

Should you have any doubt or question, get in contact with our Lawyers, they can help you.



  • Be in the legal deadline for the renewal, 60 days prior or 90 years after the expiration date.

Meet the following requirements:

  • Not be a EU, European Economic Area or Swiss citizen, or relative of citizens of these countries
  • Not hold a criminal record in Spain
  • Not have prohibited the entry in Spain or in any country that has signed a treaty with Spain
  • In case of underages children, provide the scholar mandatory certifications
  • Have paid the fee to apply for the temporal residence and the related paid-employment authorisation
  • Have paid contributions for at least 6 months per year and be registered in the Social Security System at the moment of applying for the renewal, or have a job offer.
  • Have paid contributions for at least three months per year. The work relationship has to be ceased for external reasons to the applicant will, have been seeking for jobs through the registration in the Servicio Público de Empleo and hold a valid work contract at the moment of applying for the renewal.
  • Have been registered in the Social Security System for at least 9 months in a period of 12 or 18 months in the past 2 years, as long as the work relationship had been ceased for external reasons to the applicant will, and have been seeking jobs through registration as job seeker in the Servicio Público de Empleo.
  • The applicant’s spouse must comply with the economic requirements planned for the family reunification
  • The Foreigners Office can also take into account the efforts for a social integration carried out by the applicant, through a positive report issued by the Comunidad de Madrid
  • Present the documentation needed for the renewal, which will depend on every case
  • Do not exceed the residence outside Spain:
  1. For non-EU or non-EEE citizens, the temporal authorisation (1 or 2 years) will be extinguished for staying outside Spain during six months in a period of one year. The long-term residence will expire in case of staying outside Spain for a more than 12 months consecutively
  2. For EU or EEE citizens: in case of permanent residency (10 years), the interruptions of residence in Spain shorter than 2 years will not affect the validity of the permit. In case of European Union residency permit (5 years or less), the permit will expire in case of staying outside Spain for more than 12 months consecutively

Important: Take into account that flight companies can deny you the boarding or the National Spanish Police can detain you declaring you inadmissible  in Spain in case of exceeding the above mentioned periods outside Spain. This can occur even if you show a theoretically valid permit of residence. In case you have exceeded the periods and your residency has expired, we recommend you to go to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in order to get information on how recuperate your residency and on how to obtain a travel document to enter Spain.


What it is included

Our lawyers of Tolentino Abogados will provide you with the following services:

  • Legal assistance about the procedures
  • Fulfillment of the application form to be presented
  • Development of the Business Plan
  • Fulfillment of any other form
  • Presentation of the application form
  • Monitory of the proceedings
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Arrangement of the fingerprints appointment
  • Complete assistance during the proceeding from the presentation of the application form until its resolution

What does not include:

Our service does not comprise the assistance in Spanish Consulates. We personally assist within our Firm located in Madrid, Spain, and in Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic.

With regard to other matters, we provide legal aid online.

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