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In case you want to move to Spain and obtain a permit of residence for one of the following reasons: self-employment of paid employment, family reunification, non-lucrative residence, etc, our expert immigration lawyers can assist you.

Every foreigner with the intention of moving and reside in Spain must apply for and obtain a visa, also those that do not need a visa for short term journeys (for less than 90 days)

  1. How to apply for a residence visa?
  2. Which documents are necessary to apply for a residence visa?
  3. Which fee has to be paid for a residence visa to be issued?
  4. When and where can I ask for a residence visa?
  5. Will I be allowed to travel to other european countries with my permit of residence?
  6. If I am a foreigner legally resident in Spain but I spend quite much time outside the country, will I lose my residence?
  7. How long will I have to wait for  the Embassy to resolve my application?
  8. Are you an employer or entrepreneur and you want to hire a foreigner worker?
  9. Do you know the steps in order to hire a foreigner worker?

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1- Apply for a Visa in the Spanish Consulate, depending on the case and the residence seeked. The documentation can vary depending on the visa.

  • Visa for family reunifications in general regime: when the the person that intends to reunite another person is not a EU or EEE citizen
  • Visa for family reunification in communitary regime: when the person that intends to reunite another person is a EU or EEE citizen
  • Visado for paid-employment or self-employment: for those interested in carrying out a paid or self-employment activity
  • Non-lucrative residence: for those interested in moving their residence in Spain without starting an economic activity; this kind of visa is also the one that religious people must to apply for in case they want to form a religious entity in Spain
  • Residence Visa with exceptions for work permit. The categories as listed will have to apply for this visa:
    • Technicians, researchers and foreign scientists, invited or contracted by the General Administration of the State, autonomous communities, universities, local entities or organisms with the purpose of promoting and developing the research.
    • Professors, technicians, researchers, and scientific foreigners invited or contracted by a spanish university
    • Management Personnel or Foreigner Professors of cultural institutions or other professors depending on other countries, or private universities
    • Civil or military servants of Foreign State Administrations that travel to Spain in order to develop activities by virtue of cooperation treaties with the Spanish Administration
    • Correspondents of foreign communication medias.
    • Artist travelling to Spain in order to perform without having a stable activity
    • Members of international scientific mission realizing research and works in Spain, being previously authorised by the Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia or by the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio.
    • Religious ministers or hierarchical members of different churches, confessions or religious communities, as well as professed religious of religious orders

2- Once you obtain the visa, you can come to Spain and manage your residence

3- Consult our experts about your matter.


What it is included:

Our expert immigration lawyers of Tolentino Abogados can help you processing your permit of residence with the purpose of assisting and making it easier for our clients to obtain this document.

Since the moment you enter Spain, you can rely on our team. We are encharged of the process from the very first moment until the resolution of the application.

Our lawyers of Tolentino Abogados will provide you with the following services:

  • Legal assistance about the procedures
  • Fulfillment of the application form to be presented
  • Development of the Business Plan
  • Fulfillment of any other form
  • Presentation of the application form
  • Monitory of the proceedings
  • Scheduled appointments with the ICAM
  • Arrangement of the fingerprints appointment
  • Complete assistance during the proceeding from the presentation of the application form until its resolution

What does not include:

Our service does not comprise the assistance in Spanish Consulates. We personally assist within our Firm located in Madrid, Spain, and in Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic.

With regard to other matters, we provide legal aid online.

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