Necesitará seguir ciertos pasos para que su matrimonio sea válido

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It is possible for a Spanish citizen to marry a foreigner in Spain whether he is legally in the country or if his situation is irregular. If you are going to marry a foreigner in Spain or in another country, you will need to follow certain steps for your marriage to be valid. Trust our immigration and immigration attorneys at Tolentino Abogados to help you get your marriage recognized in Spain And consequently their partner and children can obtain the corresponding residence.

However, these types of marriages have particular characteristics, namely, the need to hold a prior file before the conclusion of the same, in order to determine if the spouses have the capacity to celebrate the marriage and that the consent necessary for this is not flawed.

Pasos a seguir


Collect documentation, in the case of Marriage between a Spanish and a foreigner in Spain:

    • Literal birth certificate, issued by the Civil Registry corresponding to the place of birth at a date not earlier than 6 months
    • Certificate (not flyer) of residence relative to the address of the last two years, in case of having resided abroad certificate of the consulate. It expires at 3 months.
    • In case of being divorced, literal certificate of marriage with the corresponding marginal inscription of dissolution of the same.
    • In case of being widowed, death certificate and Family Book.
    • ID / Passport
    • Multilingual certificate of birth.
    • Certificate of matrimonial or civil status (in case the country of the foreign contractor does not issue the first).
    • Certificate of registration
    • In case of being divorced, a certificate of a multilingual marriage with registration of the divorce, as well as a decree of divorce duly apostilled and translated,
    • In case of being a widow, a multilingual certificate of the first marriage and a multilingual certificate of death of the spouse.
    • Any certification that is not multilingual must be legalized with the Apostille (countries that have signed the Hague Convention) or with legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Spanish Diplomatic Representation in the country, as well as translated into Spanish by A sworn translator (recognized by the MAEC).

The person responsible for carrying out this process is the Civil Registry of the judicial party corresponding to the place of residence of either party. For the beginning of this file it is necessary that both parties present all the documents.

Once the Civil Registry ends the corresponding procedure and does not observe impediments, it will authorize the celebration of the marriage.

The consequences of the celebration of a marriage between a person of Spanish nationality and a foreigner will result in the legal consequences of the marriage and also because of the special status of the spouses.


What it is included:

Our immigration and immigration attorneys will help you arrange your marriage and offer you a solution that suits your personal circumstances, resulting in high satisfaction and quality that is always improving.

From the beginning of your record for your marriage, registration of it, as well as the residence of your partner and your children.

What does not include:

Our service does not comprise the assistance in Spanish Consulates. We personally assist within our firm located in Madrid, Spain, and in Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic.

With regard to other matters, we provide legal aid online

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