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In case you travel to Spain and you detained or declared inadmissible at the airport, call us, our immigration lawyers of Tolentino Abogados in Madrid will be available 24/7h to provide you with legal assistance. +(34) 910 299 436 or +34  91 827 2222.

Those foreigners who do not comply with the requirements to enter Spain and declared inadmissible by the Border Officers with a reasoned and notified resolution, have the right to be legally assisted by public defender or an encharged Private Immigration Lawyer +(34) 910 299 436 or +34 91 827 2222. When needed, the foreigner has the right to be assisted by a translator, who will auxiliate him from the very first moment at the Border Control.

The detention of a foreigner with the consequent repatriation for being declared inadmissible will be notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the Embassy or Consulate of his/her country of origin.

The resolution of the refusal of entry does not end the administrative procedure and the foreigner can appeal this decision, as per law.

  1. Are you detained at the airport?
  2. Do you know what to do?
  3. Do you know your rights as a detained person?
  4. How can you proceed?

The detention is an administrative and coercive measure to be imposed to those foreigners that have entered and expect to illegally enter Spain without meeting the requirements, as per the situations listed below:

Reasons for being denied or declared inadmissible to enter Spain for a foreigner, with the following detention for his repatriation. This can occur when it is not possible for the foreigner to prove to the Border Officers, some of these requirements:

  • An amount of money in euro currency equal to a 10% of the gross minimum salary interprofessional (SMI) or its equivalent in foreign currency, multiplied for the number of days of stay in Spain and multiplied for the number of people travelling under his/her care. (SMI 645,30€/month)
  • Round trip booking tickets to go back to the country of origin. The ticket must be personal, non-transferable and non-open.
  • Do not hold a visa, when required.
  • Do not hold an adequate invitation letter or try to enter without it.
  • Do not have a round trip ticket.
  • Do not hold a valid passport to enter Spain
  • Have been refused to entry Spain or any of the Schengen countries.
  • Being expulsed from Spain and have a prohibition of entrance.
  • Being repatriated and consequently have a prohibition of entrance.
  • Been incurred in judicial proceedings
  • Being wanted on an international level, implying the detention for extradition in favor of the country requesting the extradition
  • Being declared inadmissible for international treaties where Spain has taken part
  • Trying to illegally enter Spain, for being caught at the borders in a trip with Spain as transition or final destination. For instance, being caught at the beach right after the arrival with not registered boats, or being caught inside a truck circulating within any Schengen country


Get in contact as soon as possible with a lawyer +(34) 910 299 436 or 91 827 2222 for legal aid and for the verification of:

  • Reasons for the detention
  • Any legitimate reason for being declared inadmissible in Spain
  • If the reading of personal rights was operated
  • Ask if the Habeas Corpus procedure is applicable
  • In case of denial of entry, verification whether the resolution meets all the legal and formal requirements for its notification

What it is included:

Our expert immigration Lawyers can help you +(34) 910 299 436 or 91 827 2222

  • The deontological principles will be applied also by assisting at the airport
  • During all the process, you will always be assisted by an expert Lawyer
  • Everything in our power will be used to defend your rights within the Spanish territory, other than your rights to enter Spain.
  • In case of detention at the airport for repatriation, there are several procedure that could be operated by the Lawyer, always determined by the urgency and specificity of the concrete case , given the fact that timing is essential in order to avoid the repatriation
  • Lodging of urgent and precautionary measures in order to avoid the repatriation.

What does not include:

We only assist in case of detentions at Barajas Airport, located in Madrid.

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