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If your intention is to come and visit Spain as a tourist, we recommend you to entrust our expert immigration lawyers in Madrid and Santo Domingo to obtain the related Visa

  1. Do you want to know how to travel in Europe?
  2. Do you know the requirements to enter Europe
  3. Do you know how to apply for a Tourist Visa?
  4. Do you want to extend your stay extension in Spain?
  5. Do you want to open a bank account?
  6. Do you need a temporary NIE?

These and many other questions will help you answer our lawyers. Contact us!

If you travel to Spain, and your intention is to stay in a EU country for a short period of less than three months out of six months, you will need a Visa, according to you nationality and the regulation of the country you intend to enter. The citizens of certain countries can take advantage of a particular legislation, fast proceedings regarding the obtention of visas to enter EU. In some cases, whether they meet the conditions established  as per law, they will not be even asked to apply for any visa.

The Schengen Area comprises 25 european countries that have decided the removal of any security control within their inner borders, implying that travellers can freely circulate within this Area without the necessity of showing their passport.

With a Schengen Visa you will be able to travel to any or even all the country belonging to this Area during the validity of your Visa, even though for a maximum of three months in a period of six months.

If you hold a Schengen Visa and your intention is to visit one of the 5 european countries not belonging to this Area (Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Ireland and United Kingdom), you will be needing a specific Visa for each of the above mentioned countries



  • Before exit your country, you must request a Schengen Visa in the Consulate of the Schengen country that you intend to visit
  • Whether you want to visit more countries, you must request a Visa in the Consulate of the country where it is your intention to stay longer.
  • In case the duration of stay in each country is the same, you must request a Visa in the Consulate of the country that you intend to visit first.
  • In case the above mentioned country has no consular representation or Embassy within your country of origin, you can request the visa in the Consulate or Embassy of every other Schengen country

In case you want to enter a country that requires a visa, you will be meet the following requirements:

  • Application form duly fulfilled
  • Valid Passport
  • Picture card size
  • Documentation related to the reasons of your trip:
    • Invitation letter and/or
    • Hotel booking
    • Round trip booking tickets
  • Proof of your economic means
  • Travel insurance covering a minimum of 30.000 Euros including the costs of repatriation in case of health problems or death. This insurance must be valid within the entire Schengen Area and for all the duration of your trip

In case you want to enter a country that does not require a visa, you must prove:

  • round trip booking tickets
  • 60 euros for each day of staying in Spain
  • Invitation letter and/or Hotel Booking

What it is included:

Our expert immigration Lawyers of Tolentino Abogados can assist you to obtain your Visa Schengen in case you want to travel to Europe. Also, we can assist in you with the request of extension of the above mentioned Visa.

What does not include:

Our service does not comprise the assistance in Spanish Consulates. We personally assist within our Firm located in Madrid, Spain, and in Santo Domingo City, Dominican Republic.

With regard to other matters, we provide legal aid online.

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